An Excess of Othered Limbs

Bryan Finoki's latest entry at Subtopia, Of Steel and Bone, commenting on a New York Times Picture of the Day for 30 May. The NYT's caption identifies it like so:  "In Bangalore, India, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members watch through a fence as their leader B.S. Yeddyurappa, not shown, is sworn in as the chief minister of the southern state of Karnataka. The party won the largest share of government seats in the recent state elections." Bryan, because he's like that, looks a little more deeply into the meaning of it.


Reading List – Regulating Complex Terrain in Counterinsurgency

See here for a high-powered conference that just took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on Exploring the Need for Additional Norms to Govern Contemporary Conflict Situations. H/T (again) to Bobby Chesney

[Slow day, so I'm covering new readings.... come to think of it, I've just decided to compile and post a Reading List on Regulating Complex Terrain in Counterinsurgency to the CTLab blogsite - consider it a corollary to Abu Muqawama's COIN Reading List. Stay tuned.] 

Back to the conference - among the papers that were presented:

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