Month: July 2008

War & Health

Chris Albon‘s intelligent and focused weblog, War and Health, deals with armed conflict, public health, and human security. Worth reading. I’ve just added it to the CT-NET COINLAB page.

Spiking the Meme

I took my revenge after a hundred years, and I only regret that I acted in haste.
-Pashtun Proverb 

A few weeks ago CTLab’s esteemed Managing Editor tagged me with the equivalent of a chain-letter. Now normally, this is the kind of thing I flush down the toilet with extreme prejudice, and walk briskly away, whistling a merry tune as I go. In this case, I thought it better to lie in wait, lull my tormentor into a complacent stupor, and then pounce. And so it goes. 

The rules are simple: