Sovereign Data

The Sovereign Data project evolved over the course of a couple of years. Elements of it continue to inform my research agenda.

In its earliest guise “sovereign data” was a loose set of ideas best defined in terms of the politics of information and its relationship to the sovereign controls and entitlements of states. I commissioned friends and colleagues to write a handful of exploratory essays that helped flesh out some of the ideas we were playing with.

In 2015 I founded a monthly bulletin, Sovereign Data (SD), to give those ideas more focus. Ostensibly a commercial “journal of data, politics and risk in emerging markets,” Sovereign Data covered a lot of territory over the course of its twelve-month run. Tim Stevens researched and penned all but one of its essays.

SD is now on legal deposit at the British Library (ISSN: 2059-075X), so if you search the main library catalogue you’ll find an entry for the journal and for each monthly iteration of it.

I’ve made full text copies available for download below. I’ll eventually add the earlier exploratory essays to this page too, so watch this space.

Monthly Journal (2015-2016)