Old School

The Atlantic's literary editor Benjamin Schwarz has this to say about Oxford Emeritus archeologist Sir Barry Cunliffe's new book Europe Between the Oceans,

...Cunliffe...has synthesized the voluminous recent record of excavations from Iceland to Turkey, the burgeoning scholarship on DNA and ancient populations, and research on topics ranging from Stone Age shipbuilding to trade in Muslim Spain and from salinity levels in the


Hollow Sovereignties

One of the most cynical dimensions of the Rwanda genocide was the character of internal Clinton administration debates over whether or not to intervene. Disingenuous post facto protestations of ignorance notwithstanding, enough was known at the time about the nature of the ongoing slaughter to inform a robust campaign of political bob and weave. Wrong-headed convictions about the inviolability of state sovereignty were part of the calculus; the only positive outcome of all that was the revised thinking on the issue enshrined in R2P (for whatever that's been worth so far).

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