Month: June 2009

Rise Of The Uzbeks

As if there weren’t enough problems in the neighborhood… after years of moribund existence, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is in the news. See these two items in The Economist: Unrest in Uzbekistan: Fata Fergana and The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan: Here Comes Trouble. CTlab friend and Jihadica frontman Thomas Hegghammer has also pointed out a new Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) report on an IMU successor organization of sorts, the Islamic Jihad Union, authored by FFI Fellow Einar Wigen.

Bold New Village: Tom Johnson In Afghanistan

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — International forces have failed to quash the insurgency in Afghanistan because they have failed to understand the Taliban’s common-touch campaign, a key architect of Canada’s bold new “model village” strategy said Sunday. At its heart, Prof. Thomas Johnson said, the counter-insurgency is “essentially an information war” the Taliban have been winning hands down. “We need a change in strategy,” said Johnson, the director

We Can Remember It For You Wholesale

Psychological research continues to undermine the trust given to eyewitnesses’ ability to accurately remember the details of a crime, and we’re becoming increasingly aware of how often their memories are unconsciously manipulated. Paired with a growing interest in the field of neurolaw, which examines the intersection of neuroscience and legal systems, the desire for tools that can objectively assess the accuracy of memories is palpable. But is it possible?

The “Tactical” Excuse

Two posts on strategic focus helped crystalize a major criticism I’ve had of the kind of work done in the puzzle palace… natch, make that the kind of work required of the big thinkers sitting in the puzzle palace, who are ultimately responsible for answering the requirements laid out by the stars and bars who run the place.