Superglue’s New Happy Place: Charles Taylor Converts to Judaism

Well, no one ever accused Charles Taylor of being stable. The nutcase quixotic former President of Liberia, according to several blogs and a BBC interview with one of his wives, has now converted to Judaism. Given the way he's kicked around the Mandingo, West Africa's nomadic Muslims, I guess Islam wasn't really an option. Whichever route he's chosen, I'm sure there are any number of survivors of the little mischief-maker's practices who'd like to help him along in his quest to get closer to God.


Blog Alert: Global Security & Criminology

A few weeks ago, Dr. Randy Borum, a forensic psychologist who's on faculty in several departments of the University of South Florida, dropped us a note to let us know about his new blog, Global Security & Criminology. Borum specializes in the psychology of terrorism, among other things, and sports serious credentials. He described his blog to us as "focused on applications of social and behavioral science - especially criminology - research to preserve global security and to understand, prevent, and mitigate


Jesus Killed Mohammed

No, that's not me trying to boost ratings by pissing off adherents of two of the world's great religions. It's the foretitle of a piece in the May issue of Harper's called "Jesus Killed Mohammed: The Crusade For a Christian Military." After spending two months barricaded behind pinhole bandwidth and isolated from current print media, I'm just getting caught up on some back reading. This one stuck out, coming about the same time as allegations of proselytization at Baghram and Scripture-embellished intelligence

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