More Anonymous COINdinistas

Go read the new counterinsurgency blog, "Ink Spots" - great name - that just kicked off in late June. The content looks good, written by five anonymous D.C. security industry types: "Gunslinger", "Alma", "Lil", "Gulliver", and "MK". Lordy knows that some fresh energy is needed in this field, but I'm also exasperated at the anonymity thing. 


10 Latin Quotes For The Underground

Apropos of nothing at all, Cambridge don and classicist Mary Beard has these suggestions for pithy latinate tubing:

1. "perfer et obdura! dolor hic tibi proderit olim" -- or "Be patient and put up with it; one day this pain will pay dividends". That's Ovid (Amores III, XIa) reflecting on the insults of his mistress -- but fits well enough for the rush hour commute.


After Zero Tropes

I've been mulling over zero tropes for a couple of years now, basically as a conceptual locus for the inherent reductivism of sanctuary in militant thought and practice.  Think patient zero, suspect zero, ground zero, all of which have very technical meanings in various specialist fields: as index cases in criminology, medicine and disease control; as hypocentres in seismology and nuclear science; as vanishing points in art and architecture.


You Mean We’re Just Wasting Our Time?

the blogosphere is  now rife with echo chambers (can a sphere have chambers?), big events drive smart, qualified people to blog about them, and jack-of-all trade punditry is going the way of the dodo. That second point, I would add, is also about smart people setting out to use the technology ways that don't mesh well with tried and true blogging. A blog can be a vehicle for independent, popular commentary absent the editorial machinery of larger or more established media. But a blog is also a technology module that ca


NATO’s Strategic Concept

The Strategic Concept is a big deal, but it's only as good as its later interpretation and implementation. That means the "intellectual exercise" needs be sufficiently grounded, robust and comprehensive to enable Allied Command Operations (ACO) - the military pragmatists who actually run NATO operations - to get on with their jobs. As with the previous two iterations, I don't expect that this round of wanking discussion will result in any great changes. That said, there have been a few small changes in geopolitics in the intervening years

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