Month: September 2009

Omnivore 30/09/09

Daily Brief: 30 Afghans Killed in Kandahar Roadside Bomb, Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy You Don’t ALWAYS Have to Escalate, Joshua Foust, Balkh Power Struggle Leaves Locals Fearful, Ahmad Kawoosh, Institute […]

Ghosts of Vietnam

George Packer’s profile of Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, provides some interesting material to chew on. Packer’s two main themes are Holbrooke’s force of character – he has a […]

Omnivore 29/09/09

Al Qaeda’s New Charm Offensive in Europe, Bruce Riedel, Up Front/Brookings Institution An Absolutely Horrifying Interview, Bernard Finel, The Last Mission, George Packer, New Yorker Andrew Bacevich and the Cold War […]