Month: October 2009

Omnivore 27/10/09

The “Safe Haven” Myth, John Mueller, The Nation Information Black Hole, Salman Massood, At War/New York Times Combating the Stigma of Psychological Injuries, Thom Shanker, At War/New York Times Bosnia Faltering, Jon […]

Omnivore 23/10/09

Word on the Afghan Street, Martine van Bijlert, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy The Missing General and the Phantom Army, David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy Lessons of War in Afghanistan, Fareed Zakharia/CNN/Small Wars Journal Allied […]

Omnivore 20/10/09

Four Things to Remember During the Waziristan War, Ahsan Butt, The AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Crunching the Numbers on Karzai’s Fraud, J. Alexander Thier, The AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy You Have Atomic Bombs, But […]