Recent Reads: Metaphors, Architectures of Conflict, and Forever Wars

Since leaving the day job to focus on research and writing, I've been nose-deep in readings of one kind or another, and thoroughly enjoying the experience. Some recent reads that are worth your time: ____________________________________________________________________ Metaphors We Live By. Illuminating, but infuriatingly limiting. This classic from Berkeley cognitive linguist and Democratic party framing guru George Lakoff (along … Continue reading Recent Reads: Metaphors, Architectures of Conflict, and Forever Wars

The Military-Evangelical Complex

Noted at Juan Cole's Informed Comment, as item 4 in a list of Top 10 Counterterrorism Scandals 2010: George W. Bush claimed that he had misspoken when he called his 'war on terror' a 'crusade.' But it turns out that the Michigan company that makes rifle sights for the US military inscribes them with Bible verses. … Continue reading The Military-Evangelical Complex

Stewart on Lawrence

I'm watching Rory Stewart's narration of the life of Lawrence (yes, that Lawrence). On difficult terrain: can't patrol it with small units, because those units can then be ambushed; can't garrison it, because units there couldn't be resupplied. So much of it remains empty, most of the time, "and an empty space on the map … Continue reading Stewart on Lawrence