The Common Vote

Recent events in Columbia and Hungary have precipitated new analysis of a recurring problem – the benefits and hazards of popular referenda. I grew up in one country where referenda were gifts that just wouldn’t stop giving. I later worked… Read More ›

Omnivore 13/01/2010

AQ Has a New Strategy, Obama Needs One Too // ¬†Bruce Hoffman/WaPo Terror On Campus // Rob Dover/KoW Military Justice and the Fear Game // Scott Horton/Harper’s Magazine Afghan Recovery Report: Afghan Journalists Under Fire // Institute for War &… Read More ›

Omnivore 11/01/2009

Military Deluged With Drone Intelligence // NYT Carl Shmitt’s Nuremberg Near-Miss // Kevin John Heller/Opinio Juris DChief of LAPD Counterterrorism Talk // City of Sound The Insecure Scholar: The Dawkins Dilemma // Times Literary Supplement LabCAST 45:¬†FaceSense // MIT Media… Read More ›

Omnivore 08/01/2010

A Sobering Statistic For Aspiring Academics // Savage Minds On the Gulf Between Academia and Journalism // Daniel Bennett Journalism Academics Must Learn From Multimedia Reporters // Tim Luckhurst Measuring the Impact of Charisma // (via) MIT Media Lab Google… Read More ›