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Omnivore 05/10/09

What I Saw At the Afghan Elections, Peter W. Galbraith, Washington Post Evaluating Galbraith’s Dissent, John Western, Duck of Minerva Security Advisor Calls Troop Increase McChrystal’s Opinion, Joseph Berger, New York Times […]

Omnivore 01/10/09

Towards a New Strategic Concept For NATO, Klaus Wittman, NATO Defense College The Evolution of Armed Groups, David H. Sacko et al., SSRN Conflict Studies Abstracts Analyzing Australia’s Public Sphere Initiative, Palantir […]

Omnivore 30/09/09

Daily Brief: 30 Afghans Killed in Kandahar Roadside Bomb, Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy You Don’t ALWAYS Have to Escalate, Joshua Foust, Balkh Power Struggle Leaves Locals Fearful, Ahmad Kawoosh, Institute […]

Omnivore 29/09/09

Al Qaeda’s New Charm Offensive in Europe, Bruce Riedel, Up Front/Brookings Institution An Absolutely Horrifying Interview, Bernard Finel, The Last Mission, George Packer, New Yorker Andrew Bacevich and the Cold War […]