Confronted by a fate that restricts their lives

I know nothing of Korea, other than having a general sense of the roles its politically divided geographies play vis-a-vis US and global security, two subjects that I follow closely.  Occasionally a blockbluster headline will focus the mind. The past few weeks have produced two: a very public and messy political assassination, tracked in near-real … Continue reading Confronted by a fate that restricts their lives

What “post-factual news” means for researchers

Some semi-random thoughts, as headlines continue to focus on "post-factual" news: There is a lot in common between what we're seeing now in Britain and the US, and  researchable "news" in fragile and conflict affected states. The recent Brexit referendum and US Presidential campaigns are just the two, latest and possibly most prominent cases that … Continue reading What “post-factual news” means for researchers

Professional blogging and historians

I don't mean blogging for a living. I mean professionals who blog in a way that reflects or showcases their professional activities. One of my favorites is Andrew Lewis's The Past Sure is Tense. Andrew is a trained historian with a PhD from Queen Mary's, who plies his trade as a consultant specialising in historical … Continue reading Professional blogging and historians