I’ve been working as a research consultant since 2010. The assignments have been as varied as my approach to research is wide. It’s taken me to new geographies, given me the space to test out ideas in applied settings, and exposed me to new issues and thinking. I work through my own research and advisory firm, Thesiger & Company Limited (we use the brand and the trade name “Thesigers”). Have fun trying to pronounce it correctly. Yes, the company is named after (and partly inspired by) Sir Wilfred Thesiger, better known as the 20th century’s most famous Victorian era explorer and adventurer. He was, as Thesiger’s biographer Alexander Maitland eulogised him after his death in 2003, the quintessential “gentleman thrillseeker”. That’s not really what I do or what Thesigers (the company) does; it’s really about the sort of grounded, immersive work that one might associate with the way Thesiger himself lived his life.  You can find more by visiting the website:

I’ll be updating this page with details of some of the more interesting consultancy projects I’ve designed and completed. Watch this space.