Bestowing Infinite Pains on Discovering What Actually Happened

In his much quoted critique of medieval historiography, R.J. Collingwood noted that historians, ... in their anxiety to detect the general plan of history, and their belief that this plan was God's and not man's, they tended to look for the essence of history outside history itself, by looking away from man's actions in order … Continue reading Bestowing Infinite Pains on Discovering What Actually Happened

Omnivore 13/01/2010

AQ Has a New Strategy, Obama Needs One Too //  Bruce Hoffman/WaPo Terror On Campus // Rob Dover/KoW Military Justice and the Fear Game // Scott Horton/Harper's Magazine Afghan Recovery Report: Afghan Journalists Under Fire // Institute for War & Peace Reporting Exploring the Megastructure: Smugglers' Caves // Geoff Manaugh/BLDGBLOG I'm going to be heads … Continue reading Omnivore 13/01/2010

Omnivore 08/01/2010

A Sobering Statistic For Aspiring Academics // Savage Minds On the Gulf Between Academia and Journalism // Daniel Bennett Journalism Academics Must Learn From Multimedia Reporters // Tim Luckhurst Measuring the Impact of Charisma // (via) MIT Media Lab Google Applies to Become Power Marketer // NYT Crisis? What Crisis? // Abu Muqawama

Drezner Picks on Historians

Thanks to Dan Drezner for exposing Tom Coburn's ridiculous initiative to cut National Science Foundation money to political science... except in Drezner's nightmare vision of a world without political science funding, historians would be one of the few remaining sources, along with (parodying Coburn) "CNN, pollsters, pundits...candidates, and political parties", of knowledge about political behavior. Horrors. As an … Continue reading Drezner Picks on Historians