Stewart on Lawrence

I’m watching Rory Stewart’s narration of the life of Lawrence (yes, that Lawrence). On difficult terrain: can’t patrol it with small units, because those units can then be ambushed; can’t garrison it, because units there couldn’t be resupplied. So much… Read More ›

Omnivore 08/01/2010

A Sobering Statistic For Aspiring Academics // Savage Minds On the Gulf Between Academia and Journalism // Daniel Bennett Journalism Academics Must Learn From Multimedia Reporters // Tim Luckhurst Measuring the Impact of Charisma // (via) MIT Media Lab Google… Read More ›

The Battle for Tora Bora

If you haven’t already read Peter Bergen’s TNR piece on the late 2001 battle for Tora Bora, Afghanistan, you should. It’s a page turner, and offers a “definitive account” of  “how Osama bin Laden slipped from our grasp.” It definitely… Read More ›