Omnivore 15/10/09

The Supreme Allied Commander of Corn, Lydie dePillis, The New Republic All Al Qaedas Are Not Created Equal, Brian Fishman, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Workshop on Augmented Decision Environments, Media X/Stanford University It's All Or Nothing In Afghanistan, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings Institute Deadly Spaces, Patrick Porter, Kings of War

Omnivore 08/10/09

Afghanistan and Pakistan at the SFRC, Katherine Tiedemann, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Obama Meeting Advisers Amid Debate on Afghan Policy, Peter Baker & Jeff Zeleny, New York Times An "Exhilarated", "Invigorated" al Qaeda? Maybe Not, Michael Crowley, The Plank/The New Republic Afghan Taliban Say They Pose No Threat to the West, Sayed Salahuddin, Reuters Deep Denial: … Continue reading Omnivore 08/10/09

Omnivore 29/09/09

Al Qaeda's New Charm Offensive in Europe, Bruce Riedel, Up Front/Brookings Institution An Absolutely Horrifying Interview, Bernard Finel, The Last Mission, George Packer, New Yorker Andrew Bacevich and the Cold War Analogy, Peter Feaver, Shadow Government/Foreign Policy On Hizballah's Strategy, Andrew Exum, Abu Muqawama The Wrong Question, Caroline Wadhams, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy