Stolen Afghan Artifacts on Display in Kabul

This is good news, I think: KABUL, Afghanistan — On most days, the news from Afghanistan involves something exploding. Which is why Tuesday was such a surprise: instead of bombings, it brought the unveiling of stolen treasures, some as old as the Bronze Age. The National Museum was celebrating the return of about 2,000 artifacts … Continue reading Stolen Afghan Artifacts on Display in Kabul

Human Rights Watch & Nazi Memorabilia

Sharon Weinberger's got an interesting post up at Danger Room on Mark Garlasco, "a former Pentagon official" who "rose to prominence as a senior military analyst at Human Rights Watch, looking at, among other things, Israel’s use of white phosphorous during Operation Cast Lead." Weinberger writes that Garlasco, who "has also worked on reports looking … Continue reading Human Rights Watch & Nazi Memorabilia