Omnivore 23/10/09

Word on the Afghan Street, Martine van Bijlert, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy The Missing General and the Phantom Army, David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy Lessons of War in Afghanistan, Fareed Zakharia/CNN/Small Wars Journal Allied Commanders Meet at JFC HQ Naples, ACO Public Affairs Office, SHAPE The Hurry Up Offense, Steven Metz, The New Republic Pervez Dispenser, Michael … Continue reading Omnivore 23/10/09

Omnivore 19/10/09

7 Months, 10 Days in Captivity, David Rhode, New York Times Inside the Islamic Emirate, David Rhode, New York Times Emanuel: Bush Never Asked Key Questions on Afghanistan, CNN Remembering Afghanistan's Golden Age, Elizabeth Bumiller, New York Times Three Reasons For More Troops in Afghanistan, Brian Glyn Williams, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy The Archeology of Seclusion, … Continue reading Omnivore 19/10/09