Jon Western at Duck of Minerva

Last Friday, Charli Carpenter announced that Jon Western, Five College Associate Professor at Mount Holyoake College, has joined the blogging team at Duck of Minerva. Western featured prominently in Samantha Power's Pulitzer-winning book  A Problem From Hell: America in the Age of Genocide; she describes how he, and others like him, resigned in protest from … Continue reading Jon Western at Duck of Minerva

Omnivore 21/09/09

Panther's Claw Troops Back in UK, BBC News Roboboat? C.J. Chivers, At War McChrystal Calls For More Troops to Avoid Afghan Failure, Eric Schmitt and Tom Shanker, New York Times Afghanistan Statebuilding, Jon Western, Duck of Minerva Assess the Debate For Yourself, Bernard Finel, They Will Mobilize If We Leave... And If  We Stay, … Continue reading Omnivore 21/09/09

Omnivore 18/09/09

Pick Your Policymaking Metaphor, Dan Drezner, Foreign Policy Marine Generals to Cheney: Knock It Off, Tom Ricks, Foreign Policy Afghanistan Vs. Iraq Media Coverage, Katherine Tiedemann, Af-Pak Channel 3B Or Not 3B, Steve Coll, Af-Pak Channel Tragic Fate Of Afghan Bomb Survivor, Mustafa Saber, IWPR/Afghan Recovery Report Balkh Businessmen In Panic Over Abductions, Ahmed Kawoosh, … Continue reading Omnivore 18/09/09