The Junior Officers’ Reading Club

Christopher Coker of the London School of Economics and Political Science (I always want to render the "and Political Science" in parentheticals, for some reason) has an interesting review of two new books in the Times Literary Supplement: Patrick Hennessey's The Junior Officers' Reading Club: Killing Time and Fighting Wars and James Fergusson's A Million … Continue reading The Junior Officers’ Reading Club

New Post at the AfPak Channel

My latest contribution to Foreign Policy magazine's AfPak Channel is now up. I take a look at some of the growing sensitivities among the Obama Administration's senior leaders - in the White House, DoD, State. The War of Leaks The Obama Administration's social media prowess has been a novelty among latter day political media machines. … Continue reading New Post at the AfPak Channel

NATO’s Strategic Concept: Highlights From the Luxembourg Seminar

This is heartening: the NATO Newsroom has a press release (going back to mid-October, but I've been under a rock since then, so I'm just getting caught up) out on the ongoing Strategic Concept discussions. It's got what looks like a developing sense of restraint and conservatism overlaying the previously iterated  (1991, 1999) boogymen of … Continue reading NATO’s Strategic Concept: Highlights From the Luxembourg Seminar

Omnivore 27/10/09

The "Safe Haven" Myth, John Mueller, The Nation Information Black Hole, Salman Massood, At War/New York Times Combating the Stigma of Psychological Injuries, Thom Shanker, At War/New York Times Bosnia Faltering, Jon Western, Duck of Minerva British Muslim Gangs and the Chemical Jihad, Gretchen Peters, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy US Is Losing Afghan War on Two … Continue reading Omnivore 27/10/09