Confronted by a fate that restricts their lives

I know nothing of Korea, other than having a general sense of the roles its politically divided geographies play vis-a-vis US and global security, two subjects that I follow closely.  Occasionally a blockbluster headline will focus the mind. The past few weeks have produced two: a very public and messy political assassination, tracked in near-real … Continue reading Confronted by a fate that restricts their lives

Drezner Picks on Historians

Thanks to Dan Drezner for exposing Tom Coburn's ridiculous initiative to cut National Science Foundation money to political science... except in Drezner's nightmare vision of a world without political science funding, historians would be one of the few remaining sources, along with (parodying Coburn) "CNN, pollsters, pundits...candidates, and political parties", of knowledge about political behavior. Horrors. As an … Continue reading Drezner Picks on Historians