The View From the Veranda

Last week I gave a talk to some students at the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), at the¬†University of Leeds. I've been an honorary Visiting Research Fellow with POLIS since April 2006, and it's a rare occasion when I'm actually on-site. In fact, this was only the second time, the first being a … Continue reading The View From the Veranda

Primary and Secondary Source Management

Despite all sorts of professional involvement in data mining and knowledge development/management/exploitation, it hasn't translated well to how I manage my personal files at home.¬†I've been collecting primary and secondary research materials for years, but somehow never really used any form of software or tool to manage it all. File folders and file naming conventions, … Continue reading Primary and Secondary Source Management

Potential Genetic Weapons?

This, via SSRN's Conflict Studies Abstracts: Developing an Analytical Framework for Genetic Warfare Policy R.E. Burnett ABSTRACT: Within the general notion of biological WMDs is a weapon that has been least discussed - the potential genetic weapon. Technologies that have been evolving from basic research into the molecular biology of genes and DNA/RNA are now … Continue reading Potential Genetic Weapons?

Omnivore 24/09/09

Tie Troops To Progress on Afghanistan's Corruption, Brookings Institute Should the United States Withdraw From Afghanistan? Cato Institute A "Better War" in Afghanistan, Center for a New American Security Shape, Clear, Hold and Build: "Uncertain Lessons of the Afghan and Iraq Wars", Centre for Security & Int'l Studies Pakistani Capabilities for a Counterinsurgency Campaign, New … Continue reading Omnivore 24/09/09