An area, call it what you will, of safety

Colleagues at Arab Digest have just published an interesting commentary on "Boundaries in the Arab world and their remarkable durability." It's not publicly available, but I do hope they'll release it as a sample for general readers. The piece, authored by Chatham House's Greg Shapland, ex of the Foreign Office, alludes to one of those … Continue reading An area, call it what you will, of safety

Omnivore 02/10/09

The Smartest Man in the Room, Richard C. Holbrooke, Harper's Magazine Who's Afraid of a Terrorist Haven? Paul R. Pillar, Washington Post Should US Focus on Al Qaeda Havens? Kim Ghattas, BBC News A Showdown in Waziristan: Tackling a Taliban Haven, David Ignatius, Washington Post The Waziristan Wild Card, Imtiaz Ghul, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Identity … Continue reading Omnivore 02/10/09