Omnivore 09/10/09

Testing Obama's Doctrine, David Ignatus, Washington Post Civilian, Military Officials At Odds Over Resources For Afghanistan, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post Taliban Announces That It Poses No International Threat, Jason Burke, Guardian This Week At War: Where is Jones? Robert Haddick, Foreign Policy Britain's Strategy, Britain's Place, David Betz, Kings of War NSF Political Science Program vs. … Continue reading Omnivore 09/10/09

Omnivore 02/10/09

The Smartest Man in the Room, Richard C. Holbrooke, Harper's Magazine Who's Afraid of a Terrorist Haven? Paul R. Pillar, Washington Post Should US Focus on Al Qaeda Havens? Kim Ghattas, BBC News A Showdown in Waziristan: Tackling a Taliban Haven, David Ignatius, Washington Post The Waziristan Wild Card, Imtiaz Ghul, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Identity … Continue reading Omnivore 02/10/09

Flipping the COIN

Rick "Ozzie" Nelson, Senior Fellow at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies,  raises a few interesting points about counterinsurgency and counterterrorism in Afghanistan. "Counterinsurgency doctrine, or COIN," he writes, "has captured the hearts and minds of many in the D.C. policy community. Upon close inspection, however, it becomes clear that COIN, at least as applied to … Continue reading Flipping the COIN