The Military-Evangelical Complex

Noted at Juan Cole's Informed Comment, as item 4 in a list of Top 10 Counterterrorism Scandals 2010: George W. Bush claimed that he had misspoken when he called his 'war on terror' a 'crusade.' But it turns out that the Michigan company that makes rifle sights for the US military inscribes them with Bible verses. … Continue reading The Military-Evangelical Complex

Primary and Secondary Source Management

Despite all sorts of professional involvement in data mining and knowledge development/management/exploitation, it hasn't translated well to how I manage my personal files at home. I've been collecting primary and secondary research materials for years, but somehow never really used any form of software or tool to manage it all. File folders and file naming conventions, … Continue reading Primary and Secondary Source Management

Potential Genetic Weapons?

This, via SSRN's Conflict Studies Abstracts: Developing an Analytical Framework for Genetic Warfare Policy R.E. Burnett ABSTRACT: Within the general notion of biological WMDs is a weapon that has been least discussed - the potential genetic weapon. Technologies that have been evolving from basic research into the molecular biology of genes and DNA/RNA are now … Continue reading Potential Genetic Weapons?