Niall Ferguson on Phillip Bobbit

In the 11 April 08 edition of the Int’l Herald Tribune, Niall Ferguson reviews Phillip Bobbit’s new book The Wars For the Twenty-First Century (Alfred A. Knopf). Looks like another must read from Bobbit, following his 2002 work The Shield of Achilles: War, Peace, and the Course of History (Penguin). From Ferguson:

"Terror and Consent" is quite simply the most profound book to have been written on the subject of American foreign policy since the attacks of 9/11 – indeed, since the end of the Cold War. It should be read by all three of the remaining candidates to succeed George W. Bush as American president.

Ferguson, Niall. "Phillip Bobbit’s Terror and Consent: Rethinking the Future on Fighting Terror." International Herald Tribune (11 April 2008).

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