Mapping the Hezbollah Telecoms Network

Some interesting follow-up on Hezbollah communications.  The issue’s been addressed in Brigitte Nacos’ recent CTLab essay on terrorist media power, John Mackinlay’s thoughts on insurgency and the propaganda of the deed at KCL’s Insurgency Research Group (as well as subsequent IRG posts here, here, and here), and IRG member Andrew Exum’s elaborations on same at Arab Media & Society. The French site has now posted a map of Hezbollah’s telecoms network in Lebanon. According to the write-up on the site, the map had been compiled by Lebanese security services using data provided by Hezbollah opponents in the country, and has been in circulation for a few months. The network apparently extends from Beirut’s southern suburbs into South Lebanon, but not to the East of the country.

H/T to Blacksmiths of Lebanon

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