Reading List – Regulating Complex Terrain in Counterinsurgency

See here for a high-powered conference that just took place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, on Exploring the Need for Additional Norms to Govern Contemporary Conflict Situations. H/T (again) to Bobby Chesney

[Slow day, so I’m covering new readings…. come to think of it, I’ve just decided to compile and post a Reading List on Regulating Complex Terrain in Counterinsurgency to the CTLab blogsite – consider it a corollary to Abu Muqawama’s COIN Reading List. Stay tuned.] 

Back to the conference – among the papers that were presented:

Prof. David Kretzmer
Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Ramat Gan Academic Center of Law and Business; University of Ulster
Rethinking application of IHL in non-international armed conflicts

Prof. Dino Kritsiotis
University of Nottingham; University of Michigan
War, armed conflict and characterizations of the war on terror

Prof. Yuval Shany
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Possible directions for regulating the situation in Gaza

Adv. Rotem Giladi
University of Michigan
Hidden agenda: The broad normative setting of occupation law

Adv. Michael Lieberman
Steptoe & Johnson LLP, Washington DC
Pragmatism and principle in International Humanitarian Law

Ms. Daphné Richemond-Barak
Tel-Aviv University
Private military companies and combatancy status under IHL

Prof. Emiliano Buis
University of Buenos Aires
From La Tablada to Guantanamo Bay: The challenge of new conflict situations in the experience of the Inter-American system of human rights protection

Mr. Gilad Noam
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Complementing IHL: Is there a role for international criminal courts and tribunals?

Dr. Ralph Wilde
University College London
Complementing occupation law? Selective judicial treatment of the suitability of human rights norms

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