COIN Panel at BISA 2008

My paper proposal, on "Regulating Complex Terrain in Counterinsurgency", has been accepted as part of a panel on counterinsurgency at the British International Studies Association Meeting, at the University of Exeter in December. This is what the panel looks like, from the BISA 2008 provisional programme:

Convenor: Andrew Mumford (Warwick)
Chair: Sergio Catignani (EUI)
Michael Innes (UCL) Regulating ‘Complex Terrain’ in Counterinsurgency
Huw Bennett (King’s) Barbarity in British Counter-Insurgency: The Strategic Role of Coercion Against Non-Combatants, 1945-2008
Armando Geller (Manchester Metropolitan) and Nanda Wijermans (University of Groningen) Modelling Crowd and Riot Emergence in Afghanistan: An Evidence-Driven Opinion Dynamics Model
Mark Knight (International Organisation for Migration [IOM]) Hardware and Software: Non-Military Capacities and Concepts in Counter-Insurgency
Isaiah Wilson (US Military Academy, West Point) Supplying Insurgencies and Counter-Insurgencies

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4 thoughts on “COIN Panel at BISA 2008

  1. Excellent. See you there. I’m on the ‘Virtual Politics’ panel…

  2. Saw that. Excellent back. Should be a party. The question is, will it be regulated? virtual? virtually regulated? really unregulated?

  3. I’d venture that the parties to the party will be virtually indistinguishable from the unreality of the occasion, with an occasional regurgitative dip into inebriated paroxisms of unregulated solipsism. Or somesuch.

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