A World Under the Sea

Well then, that’s that. Thank the obviously well informed Mladic family  for this little clue as to the whereabouts of scion Ratko. If only we’d known earlier. So much wasted time. At least now, we can just go pick him up and get on with things.

Downing shots of raki on a recent day in front of the Mladic clan’s
tiny stone house, his first cousin Stretko Mladic said Mladic’s
survival skills had been honed from an early age when his mother was so
sick with typhoid that she could not breast-feed him. He said the
murder of Mladic’s father, a partisan, during World War II by Croatian
Nazis had forced him to become self-sufficient. Like many peasant boys,
the cousin said, he turned to Tito’s army, where he was inculcated to
ignore ethnic differences and to fight for the unity of Yugoslavia.

“His mother had no job, no pension, no husband, so from a young age
Ratko had to fight to survive,” Stretko Mladic said. “But he was
strong. He could swim faster than anyone, dive deeper, run faster,
throw stones over his shoulder farther than anyone. He is stubborn,
determined and never gives up. If there is a world under the sea, then
he is hiding there.”

So, following State Department modeling conventions for these sorts of things, this would be a bathymetric sanctuary. Problem solved, research milestone achieved. Now where’s that Minerva check?

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2 thoughts on “A World Under the Sea

  1. Pure Ringo!

    I’d like to be under the seaIn an octopus’s garden in the shade

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