Fine Tuning

We’ve been fine tuning a few things around the CTlab site recently, basically doing some house cleaning, restacking the shelves, and generally trying to impose a bit of common sense ordering to the architecture and content.

You’ll notice a brand new layout (yes, that makes this about the fourth or fifth since we started in Dec 2007), including separate sections for symposia, a support page where CTlab fans and readers, if they’re so inclined, can find out about ways to get involved, keep us interesting, and keep us solvent. It’s not quite done, and you can look forward to some whizbang results of professional web design to take effect before the end of the year.

There’s a new “datastreams” section [Ed’s Note: section and RSS hastily renamed “Academic News”] which is for news and information on academic issues, calls for papers, conferences, new publications, funding opportunities, etc. Some of this is in response to the feedback we received in our audience survey –  judging from the inputs we’ve read so far, there’s a gap here that needs to be filled.

The blog feed is the same as it always was, but readers will need to subscribe separately to the new features, since the changes are based on newly created blog modules. Don’t forget to stop by the subscriptions page for the new RSS feeds on your way out, and keep an eye on that page – we’ll be installing a few additional items over the coming weeks as a way of keeping things smart around here.

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