Month: January 2009

Spatial Gerrymandering

I recently finished reading Eyal Weizman’s Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation (Verso, 2007), and I’m now in the midst of transcribing my reading notes into Endnote. It’s a remarkable text, in its narrative of spatial gerrymandering and in its… Read More ›

Importing Research Content

I’m going to be inporting some research content from a previously private blog. Around October-November 2007 I started putting research notes and various book and PhD related meanderings online, and had actually forgotten some of it once I started spending… Read More ›

First Chapters In

Two contributors to my next book, Making Sense of Proxy Wars: States, Surrogates, and the Use of Force (Potomac Books, 2009), have just submitted their draft chapters. I’ve read the first, and I’m delighted with the quality of it. Now… Read More ›

CTlab Event Planning

For the 26 Nov Battlespace/s public lecture, we won’t be able to webcast live, though we will have a post-event streaming video capture on the CTlab site. We’ll also be holding another online symposium, this one built around Antoine Bousquet’s… Read More ›