CTlab Event Planning

For the 26 Nov Battlespace/s public lecture, we won’t be able to webcast live, though we will have a post-event streaming video capture on the CTlab site. We’ll also be holding another online symposium, this one built around Antoine Bousquet’s book The Scientific Way of Warfare: Order and Chaos on the Battlefields of Modernity (Hurst 2009), as follow-up to the lecture. The prelim announcement and Battlespace/s artwork is up, as well, and can be viewed here. Over the weekend, I’ll be querying potential participants, so we should have a better idea within a week or so what that’ll look like.

Still toying with a couple of ideas. One is to use a second, separate blog module for CTlab symposia, instead of conducting them through the main blog – which would make it easier to categorize, track and feature content without altering the main blog’s own structure. The other idea is develop a separate events/symposium page, ie. not embedded within the main blog page or as a subset of it. I suppose the former would require the latter.

The discussion with the publisher went well last week in London. With our respective schedules, we’re a few months away from ideas becoming plans becoming action, post-February 2009 being the most likely time frame for formalizing the relationship between publisher and CTlab. Meanwhile, refinements to the symposium approach will function as experimental, proof-of-concept exercises.

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