Danger! Book Review at Danger Room

My review of Antoine Bousquet’s book The Scientific Way of Warfare: Order and Chaos on the Battlefields of Modernity (Hurst & Co Publishers in the UK, Columbia University Press in the US), entitled “How Technology Changes Our Thinking About War,” is now up at Noah Shachtman’ Danger Room blog at Wired. The only thing I’d add is that Bousquet obviously built his book around a lot more than just the authors who’re named (Manuel DeLanda, among others, prominent among those not named). I’d also add that the spatial element of chaoplexic warfare needs to be further explored, which is why I think the forthcoming ICA talk entitled “The Cybernetic Way of Warfare”, which puts Bousquet in conversation with Eyal Weizman,  will be fascinating. Stay tuned, because CTlab will be covering it and hosting the streaming video on these pages.

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