Bunkered Burbs

Some fascinating architectural research unveiled, via InfraNet Lab, at Sheffield University M.Arch. graduate Tom Vigar‘s personal website, which elegantly showcases his degree work, including some stunning visuals.

From InfraNet Lab:

Caught somewhere between No-Stop City and an Everyday Virilio-ism… [Vigar] posits a shared economy (and landscape) of suburbia and military sites. Arguing the inevitable links and interdependence of one with the other, they could share the same territory in a cyclical symbiosis. Suburbia thrives on the technology transfer offered by the military, while the military conveniently hides behind the false front of oh-so-innocent suburbia.



From Vigar’s thesis:

Today the three plates of Suburbia, Industry and Warfare are connected on an unprecedented scale. This highly polemical project investigates what could be done to make the system we already live in more efficient? How far could the combined logic of Pure War and Capitalism take us in the future?

I got in touch with Tom this morning and invited him to share his thoughts on his research here at CTlab. Watch this space: CTlab readers can look forward to Tom’s write-up sometime next week.

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