Crowd-Sourced Cyber Partisans?

The New Yorker reports that Soapblox, which specializes in community blogging software, was hacked early last week, dealing the company what was initially thought to be a crippling blow (grassroots support saved it from going under).

Soapblox, interestingly, is described as “a small company in Denver that administers the sites for more than a hundred liberal blogs around the country,” whose owner has “almost accidentally… come to control a critical crossroads in the netroots nation: the informal community of progressive bloggers and online activists who now play an important role in Democratic Party politics.”

Hmmm…. conspiracy? Transition this time around has been nice and smooth. When the outgoing Clintonites handed over to the incoming Bushies way back when, they were pretty puckish about things – mixing up the keys on White House keyboards, for example. This is a bit more serious, but I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if this turned out to be a domestic crowd-sourced cyber army of virtual Republicans raising its pixelated head in one last pop at the victors.

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