The Cybernetic Way of Warfare at the ICA, 23 Feb

Friend Jim Harkin, Director of Talks at the Institute For Contemporary Arts, just pinged me to let me know that tickets are now on sale for The Cybernetic Way of Warfare, being held on 23 Feb.

The event, which features Eyal Weizman (Goldsmiths) and Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck), will be worth attending  for anyone whose interests run to spatial culture and conflict, geographies of war  and peace, architectures of violence, techno-science, and wired war … from the recent Israeli operation in Gaza  to the drone war over Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It’ll also make for a perfect extension of the Battlespace lecture that CTlab organized at University College London last November, entitled “Feral Cities and the Scientific Way of Warfare” (FYI: you can watch the streaming video at top right of this page).

So go to the online booking form or call, reserve multiple tickets, see the talk, and support the ICA. And tell all your friends, too.


The Cybernetic Way of Warfare
Institute for Contemporary Arts
23 February 2009

The idea of cybernetics didn’t just give rise to the internet. Through its successor discipline of network centric warfare, it has also burrowed into American and Israeli military culture. Where did those ideas come from, and what has their effect been on the war in Iraq, 2006’s Israel-Lebanon war, and the current war in Gaza?

Eyal Weizman (Goldsmiths), author of Hollow Land: Israel’s Architectures of Occupation (Verso, 2007);

Antoine Bousquet (Birkbeck), author of The Scientific Way of Warfare: Order and Chaos on the Battlefields of Modernity (Hurst & Co Publishers, 2009).

Chair: James Harkin (ICA), author of Cyburbia: The Dangerous Idea That’s Changing How We Live and Who We Are (Little, Brown, 2009)

The use of camera phones and recording equipment during talks and events in the Feedback series is encouraged. Snap it, video it, blog it and then share it with us.

Please note that if you attend this event your image may be recorded by the ICA or other event attendees and appear online.

£8 / £7 Concessions / £6 ICA Members.

Monday 23 February 2009 7:00 pm

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