Month: May 2009

Exum on Innes

Andrew Exum linked to my review of Dave Kilcullen’s new book, and identified me as his “occasional intellectual sparring partner”… which is clearly distinct from the rest of the time, when I know my sparring skills are constrained by the fact that I’m frequently thick, obtuse, or just downright cantankerous. It’s true. Just ask Chris Mewett, who thinks my points about sanctuary are a “digression”…

The OTHER Article On Drones

While everyone’s reading Kilcullen and Exum in the New York Times, don’t forget to read The Drone War, by Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann, in The New Republic. Caution: it’s an entire article [Ed: Gasp! How could you suggest such a thing? The readers’ll never forgive the tax on their eyes, minds, and time!]. I know, I know, who’s got the time? Oh wait, the enemy does. Go get informed. Read the whole piece.

Baghdad’s Halo of Photosynthetic Wonder

One of my favorite writers is Bryan Finoki, and his blog Subtopia is just superb. Once in a while I shake off the cobbwebs for long enough to point out how how good his work is, and that you should all go read it immediately. So, go read. His latest post, The Green Yonder, takes a speculative look at a dubious proposal to eco-convert some of the foliage around Baghdad’s Green Zone, and the potential feral consequences of eco-conversion run amok.