Exum on Innes

Andrew Exum linked to my review of Dave Kilcullen’s new book, and identified me as his “occasional intellectual sparring partner”… which is clearly distinct from the rest of the time, when I know my sparring skills are constrained by the fact that I’m frequently thick, obtuse, or just downright cantankerous. It’s true. Just ask Chris Mewett, who thinks my points about sanctuary are a “digression”…

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3 thoughts on “Exum on Innes

  1. No L in my name, but I won’t put that down to your thickness or obtuseness!Seriously, I thought the review was generally good and I appreciate the effort and close reading that went into it. I just have a different opinion about the effectiveness of Kilcullen’s balance between narrative and analysis — it’s nothing personal.

  2. Sorry about the misspelling – no deliberate feline implications re. Mewlett… all corrected. No offense taken, either -I thought you raised a good point about my own critique. I tried to avoid implying too much either way about The Accidental Guerrilla, but it was a balancing act – as with the book, so with my review of it.

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