Blogging, Reputation, Tenure, and Libel…

Or something along those lines. Active participation in blogging  by academics has come a long way over the last few years, but it still has a way to go before it achieves the sort of critical mass of credibility that will satisfy the ivory tower. In some disciplines – like law and architecture – blogging seems to be more prevalent than in others (I write “seem” simply because I’m assuming it to be so, but haven’t really counted the beans, so I don’t actually know on empirical grounds whether blogging predominates in one or the other academic discipline).

This case – holy smokes – looks and feels like a malicious outing of a formerly anonymous blogger who also happens to be a non-tenured law professor. What if, as a result of this, said formerly anonymous blogger could demonstrate that he suffered professional discrimination, was not granted tenure, or suffered other repercussions? as a direct consequence of having his identity revealed against his wishes? 

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