Racist Attacks on Romanians In Northern Ireland

I guess things were getting a little dull:

More than 100 Romanians forced from their homes by racist attacks are likely to abandon Northern Ireland.

They were forced to take shelter in a church overnight, are currently taking refuge in a leisure centre and will offered temporary homes in student accommodation.

A mother of two, who said she only wanted to be known by her first name Maria, said everyone was now adamant that they wanted to return to Romania.

Maria said that attacks on their homes, mostly the smashing of windows, had been intensifying over the last two weeks but came to a head on Tuesday when racist thugs broke in and threatening her and her children.

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One thought on “Racist Attacks on Romanians In Northern Ireland

  1. I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident, but Ireland (both the North and the Republic) has been home to a fair amount of racist activity since the rise of the Celtic Tiger in the Republic in the 90s. In the North, however, the economy never caught up to the Republic, it has remained poorer and less economically secure. Not that this is a justification for racism, it is simply background. But the economy is now taking a beating in both the Republic and the North and, sadly, not surprisingly, it is immigrants from Eastern Europe who are taking the beating, in some cases, quite literally.

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