EXCLUSIVE: Two New Books Forthcoming From David Kilcullen

You heard it here first, folks: two new books, Counterinsurgency and The Ninth Winter, forthcoming from COIN guru David Kilcullen. Details received this morning direct from CTLab friend Michael Dwyer, Managing Editor of Hurst Publishers:

Former anthropologist, Australian army officer and adviser to Gen. Petraeus, David Kilcullen’s COUNTERINSURGENCY, based on the author’s ‘Twenty-Eight Articles’ of Counterinsurgency Warfare, and THE NINTH WINTER, the author’s new theory of competitive control, a mix of counterinsurgency, peacekeeping, counterterrorism, counternarcotics and stablization operations, based on experience in Afghanistan since 9/11 will be published respectively in Spring 2010 and Spring 2011, by Hurst Publishers London, Oxford University Press, New York, Scribe Publishers, Melbourne and Foundation Books, New Delhi.

Standing invitation to DK: conduct a symposium, on either or both books, here at CTlab.

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