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I’ve just imported almost everything I’ve ever blogged, which makes for a nice baseline and a good way to kick off this blog. I’ve been writing at my own project, The Complex Terrain Laboratory (CTlab), for the last two years, but I haven’t maintained a personal blog separate from it. I’ve experimented with a couple, but nothing that really stuck. Interesting how much that had to do with whether I wanted to invest time and effort in a particular URL/brand. Monkwire feels like a good fit, especially as a place to park all that archived material. There are some limitations on the content import. Many posts were images or videos, the contents of which didn’t migrate. I’ll delete those as I sift my way through. Some posts are updates or backgrounders for CTlab events, which don’t really stand alone as content for this site. They’ll go, too, when I come across them. Categories and tags are also an issue: everything prior to 10 September 2009 is uncategorized and untagged.

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