Month: November 2009

Learning the Ropes

Or at least, the strings… Rob Crilly’s got some common-sense tips on how to be a stringer for media outlets – especially relevant in an age of spare budgets and lean news organizations,  when the staff foreign correspondents are becoming… Read More ›

Lessons on Freedom From the KGB

“Lithuania is currently embroiled in a bizarre and deeply confusing political controversy,” writes Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald, “which reveals what happens when a country becomes gripped by extremist ideologies.” He’s taking a sarcastic swipe at last week’s allegations that the Central… Read More ›

The Military Space

Emma Sky, on working as General Ray Odierno’s advisor in Iraq: “I’m experienced in working in different cultures. The most alien culture I’ve ever worked in is the U.S. military… I was used to working in the humanitarian space, the diplomatic… Read More ›

Obama on AfPak Policy Leaks

President Barack Obama is, apparently, less than thrilled at the leaky process surrounding the development of a new AfPak policy (or PakAf or whatever the policymakers decide to eventually rename it). He’s agreed that the leaks are a “firing offense”,… Read More ›