Obama on AfPak Policy Leaks

President Barack Obama is, apparently, less than thrilled at the leaky process surrounding the development of a new AfPak policy (or PakAf or whatever the policymakers decide to eventually rename it). He’s agreed that the leaks are a “firing offense”, and he’s “angrier than Bob Gates about it.” I tried to put some of the shenanigans in context, but Peter Feaver does a much better job when he explains that, justified though Obama’s concerns might be,

The longer the review drags on, the more unrealistic it is to expect that the process can continue to be leak-free. The president is right to want to deliberate leak-free, and the president has the right to extend the process as long as he wants, but at some point — and I don’t know when that point is, but now that we are around day 92 82 since McChrystal initially filed his report, we can safely say we are past that point — the blame for the leaks must be a shared matter.

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