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Omnivore 15/10/09

The Supreme Allied Commander of Corn, Lydie dePillis, The New Republic All Al Qaedas Are Not Created Equal, Brian Fishman, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy Workshop on Augmented Decision Environments, Media X/Stanford University It’s […]

Omnivore 14/10/09

Reliance on Private Security, NYT, At War/New York Times Enclosure, Area Studies, and Virtual Worlds, Alex Golub, Savage Minds The Logic of Violence in Counterinsurgency, Drew Conway, Zero Intelligence Agents New: Harvard’s […]

Omnivore 13/10/09

Statement by the NATO SecGen on UNAMA, NATO Newsroom Afghanistan From the Air, Moises Saman, At War/New York Times Heratis Mourn Rebel Commander, Mustafa Saber, Afghan Recovery Report/IWPR Insurgents Taking Charge in […]