Omnivore 16/10/09

To Beat the Taliban, Fight From Afar, Robert Pape, New York Times

We’re Too Focused on Al Qaeda, Caroline Wadhams & Colin Cookman, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy

From COIN to Chaos, David P. Fidler, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy

The Forever War Continues, Kenneth Payne, Kings of War

Lens: Under the Radar in Kandahar, Editors, At War/New York Times

When the Walls Come Down, Rod Nordland, At War/New York Times

A Surge of Discontent on Afghan Policy, Editors, At War/New York Times

Islamabad: From Green City To Red Mosque, Salman Massood, At War/New York Times

Stanley McChrystal’s Long War, Dexter Filkins, NYT Magazine

Military Committee Visits Afghanistan, NATO Newsroom

Three Days in Afghanistan, ACO Public Affairs Office/SHAPE

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