Message to Exum: Political Endorsement Doesn’t Make it Right

I've been following with interest some of the discussion of MGen Michael Flynn's views on intelligence reform for the ISAF mission in Afghanistan. It revisits the debate on civil-military relations that came up back in September when Flynn's ISAF boss, ¬†General Stanley McChrystal, was publicly lobbying for his population-centric campaign plan before the White House … Continue reading Message to Exum: Political Endorsement Doesn’t Make it Right

Omnivore 08/01/2010

A Sobering Statistic For Aspiring Academics // Savage Minds On the Gulf Between Academia and Journalism // Daniel Bennett Journalism Academics Must Learn From Multimedia Reporters // Tim Luckhurst Measuring the Impact of Charisma // (via) MIT Media Lab Google Applies to Become Power Marketer // NYT Crisis? What Crisis? // Abu Muqawama

Obama on AfPak Policy Leaks

President Barack Obama is, apparently, less than thrilled at the leaky process surrounding the development of a new AfPak policy (or PakAf or whatever the policymakers decide to eventually rename it). He's agreed that the leaks are a "firing offense", and he's "angrier than Bob Gates about it." I tried to put some of the … Continue reading Obama on AfPak Policy Leaks

New Post at the AfPak Channel

My latest contribution to Foreign Policy magazine's AfPak Channel is now up. I take a look at some of the growing sensitivities among the Obama Administration's senior leaders - in the White House, DoD, State. The War of Leaks The Obama Administration's social media prowess has been a novelty among latter day political media machines. … Continue reading New Post at the AfPak Channel

Omnivore 09/10/09

Testing Obama's Doctrine, David Ignatus, Washington Post Civilian, Military Officials At Odds Over Resources For Afghanistan, Rajiv Chandrasekaran, Washington Post Taliban Announces That It Poses No International Threat, Jason Burke, Guardian This Week At War: Where is Jones?¬†Robert Haddick, Foreign Policy Britain's Strategy, Britain's Place, David Betz, Kings of War NSF Political Science Program vs. … Continue reading Omnivore 09/10/09