An area, call it what you will, of safety

Colleagues at Arab Digest have just published an interesting commentary on "Boundaries in the Arab world and their remarkable durability." It's not publicly available, but I do hope they'll release it as a sample for general readers. The piece, authored by Chatham House's Greg Shapland, ex of the Foreign Office, alludes to one of those … Continue reading An area, call it what you will, of safety

Stewart on Lawrence

I'm watching Rory Stewart's narration of the life of Lawrence (yes, that Lawrence). On difficult terrain: can't patrol it with small units, because those units can then be ambushed; can't garrison it, because units there couldn't be resupplied. So much of it remains empty, most of the time, "and an empty space on the map … Continue reading Stewart on Lawrence

Omnivore 27/10/09

The "Safe Haven" Myth, John Mueller, The Nation Information Black Hole, Salman Massood, At War/New York Times Combating the Stigma of Psychological Injuries, Thom Shanker, At War/New York Times Bosnia Faltering, Jon Western, Duck of Minerva British Muslim Gangs and the Chemical Jihad, Gretchen Peters, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy US Is Losing Afghan War on Two … Continue reading Omnivore 27/10/09

Omnivore 16/10/09

To Beat the Taliban, Fight From Afar, Robert Pape, New York Times We're Too Focused on Al Qaeda, Caroline Wadhams & Colin Cookman, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy From COIN to Chaos, David P. Fidler, AfPak Channel/Foreign Policy The Forever War Continues, Kenneth Payne, Kings of War Lens: Under the Radar in Kandahar, Editors, At War/New York … Continue reading Omnivore 16/10/09